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April 07, 2010


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David N

Theres a Second Sight edition out in the UK next month, restored by Michael Ballhaus and including a documentary.

Its not quite Criterion, I know, but...


My fingers are now crossed for that Criterion disc, too. I would love to see this. I'm endlessly introuged by Fassbinder.

And THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR was wretched.

Bill Sorochan

Thanks Glenn for reminding the world what an extraordinary artist Fassbinder was and how relevant/topical he still is today. I find it fascinating that even today, Fassbinder still makes people feel extremely uncomfortable. Perhaps that explains why he's still overlooked and undervalued by the majority of "critics" making the rounds today.

Tom Russell Almost Named His Cat Fassbinder

Want want want want want.

Chuck Stephens

What on EARTH makes you think that Solange Pradel is a MAN???

Chuck Stephens

Agreed, sort of...but only to extent that Dietrich herself did. (Perform in the manner of a drag queen, that is.) Otherwise I'm in complete agreement with your rave for this masterwork.

Glenn Kenny

Well, Chuck, as our old friend Mr. Eno once sang on an LP we both revere, "It's all so confusing..."

Jason M.

Can't wait to see this when it plays MoMA next week. Nice to see it playing as more than a one-off, too; seems like it might be well worth seeing more than once. Really exciting.

Also, speaking of MoMA, the great avant-garde filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky is showing new work there this coming Monday the 12th. I realize that avant-garde filmmakers don't get too much attention here, but it would be well worth any cinephile's time to see Dorsky's films. They're unbelieveably gorgeous.


Good lord. There are unheard of treasures out there to be sure. Can't wait.


David N said "Theres a Second Sight edition out in the UK next month, restored by Michael Ballhaus and including a documentary.

Its not quite Criterion, I know, but..."

That would seem to bode well for a possible Criterion, since Second Sight also released Berlin Alexanderplatz in the UK six months or so before Criterion brought their set out. Hopefully this might be following the same pattern.

I've seen a copy of the first episode and have been desperate to see the entire thing ever since - perhaps the moment that stood out in its delirious craziness, beyond the nightclub mentioned in the main post, was the moment where the two main characters are having a serious discussion in swivel chairs in our hero's office, twirling around like children in opposite directions to each other. Then when the secretary comes in they both casually come to a halt facing her. Hilarious!

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