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April 13, 2010


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Fuzzy Bastarrd

Ah, that's lovely! Zacherek has long been my prime example of a critic whose taste I consistently disagree with, but whose writing I always enjoy, and it'll be interesting to see what she does now that she's the one setting the tone of a site.


Yeah, I could count on one hand the number of times I've agreed with her, but she's always a good read. A good choice, Movieline. Not Glenn-Kenny-good, but good nonetheless. I'm not sure how well she'll jibe with (my perception of) the Movieline readership.

S. Porath

I'd missed the news of her departure from Salon. I'd really gotten to like Salon's movie coverage, greatly enjoying the writing of both Zacharek and O'Hehir. Oh well. Another link in my movie folder. She is one of the most dependably illuminating critics out there, and is a wonderful writer.
What does this mean regarding Salon? Is O'Hehir taking over? I'd be interested in reading his thoughts about more mainstream films.

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