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April 05, 2010


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Wow, this was the last thing I expected to read when I came here tonight. Molto bene Glenn, molto bene.

One of my favorite things in life, a huge slice of my wife's lasagna, the day after. There's just nothing else quite like it.



Glenn, on a somewhat related note, have you had a chance to listen to Mike Patton from his upcoming CD 'Mondo Cane'? Just great:


Fuzzy Bastard

Hunh---we're on the same street! Esposito & Sons is indeed the best pork dealer in the 'hood; also their prosciutto bread is so good it should be illegal.

Nick Ramsey

Love these occasional cooking posts.

Glenn, are you now or were you ever a guitar player? I know you noted you're a fan of "slightly cerebral guitar rock". Just wondering if you came to it via the instrument (as I did).

The Siren

That has got to be the most inventive use of Andrei Rublev ever.

Loved this foray into food porn, although it did make last night's lentil salad seem rather skimpier than usual.

Claire K.

Why does it suddenly appear like we have butcher block countertops??? Is there some magic Brigadoon-style temporary kitchen remodel that takes place when I'm at work? And does the temp kitchen have a walk-in pantry?


Rublev, avant-rock, epicurean revel, and (though subtle) scorpions. Here all things Running meet in a glorious screed. Thanks. I'm e-clipping this recipe.

F, brother of T

I add some grated cheese and scratch a little nutmeg into the ricotta mixture. It's just a habit and I'm not sure if it provides any discernible depth of flavor though.


molto bene, c, the butcher block is the cutting board!!Hope you get a pantry soon. I'm sure it tastes as good as looks. Yours is as close to Nanny's as it gets.


that s**t is banging!!! Hope you had a happy easter!

Pete Apruzzese

Makes that can of soup I brought for lunch a little, as they say, lacking.

Larry Jackson

GK-- I thought I made a pretty good (no, great!) lasagna myself - until I saw your pictures. Thanks for this! I'm off to make a dish - ala Kenny.

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