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April 20, 2010


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Steve Simels

My favorite Dalio performance, however, remains his hilarious cynical old man schooling Art Garfunkel in "Catch-22."


Awesome. He has some of my favorite moments in Casablanca - I love how much nuance he could get into that part, and his career is really something to admire. What a survivor.

The Siren

Karen Green was reminding me that Dalio also has a great turn as Grandpere Bonnard in The Happy Time:

Susan Bonnard: Where are you going?
Grandpere: Out.
Susan: You should be in bed.
Grandpere: It is only a matter of time.


He's great in "To Have and Have Not" obviously as well. But of course, his hallmark in that close-up in La Regle when he shows off his new toy to the adoring audience. Dare I say, maybe the best use of the close-up in film history?


It would be a nice thought, but you've got your babes mixed up in Casablanca. The good Capitaine lost the sultry Brandel girl in the wheel fix, but I'm sure he snagged Rick's extravagant throw-away Yvonne sooner than later.

Tom Block

Maybe my favorite Dalio moment: when he realizes Gabin and Parlo have slept together, then steps forward to shake their hands--Parlo's first.

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