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March 07, 2010


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How the fuck does a movie drawn on a computer win for best cinematography over The White Ribbon?

Roger Mexico

hey its all those people who died this year who just aren't john hughes! rohmer, swayze, dom deluise, fuck 'em, they ain't john hughes!


"Richardson was robbed."

Goddamn right he was.


Clooney is obnoxiously swatting cameramen away when Martin and Baldwin aren't even on stage.

Chris H

Best guess: What's Clooney on tonight? Because you know for sure he's on something. The ol' back actin' up perhaps.


Other than Michael Giacchino, this has to be the worst Oscars ever -- and I hate when people say stuff like that. Horrible silly wins, obnoxious speeches, unfunny "comedy," ridiculous interpretive dance, fucking over the honorary winners. What's next?


If Clooney's on something for his back, he should be in a better mood.


My sister in law pointed out that Matt Damon was introduced by Arec Barwin.


If Clooney's on something for his back, he should be in a better mood.

If he's pissed about being there, he shouldn't be so ostentatious about it. Drama queen!


What a fucking waste of time that Actor blowfest was.


"Hey, Tim Robbins. He sat next to me at the Film Forum screening of Borzage's No Greater Glory. He gets big points with me for that."

He was probably there to meet a screenwriter. Also, he seemed a little bitter, didn't her?

Uncle Kenny

If you look under your seats, you'll see that each and every one of you ... has won a car!


I get the impression Bullock doesn't think she deserves the award.


Wikipedia is doing a fine job reporting on this event:



Well, the best movie that had any shot in hell of winning has won. I can live with that.

Glenn Kenny

@ Bill, re Robbins, he was entirely alone, and very much there for the movie. Honest!


Sandy Powell was absolutely right about the over-representation of period films (all five!). Also, that score to UP should never be played within 100 feet of me. Before I even recognized it, I was sobbing uncontrollably in front of my wife. Not my best hour. And a good speech from Giacchino.


And the Oscar for "most senselessly over-confident douchebag who swore up and down that Iron Man would tank, Transformers would clean up at the Oscars, and there was absolutely no way Avatar would lose best pic because he talked to *a lot* of Academy voters" goes to...

Between Don Murphy proving what an idiot he is again, and Wells' promise to accost waitresses, that win made up for the rest of the shitty night.

Diane Rainey

Thanks for the colorful commentary Glenn. I boycotted it this year cause of the Cablevision issue..Not really into awards shows anyway so i watched PBS instead. At least that's still free TV..(even tho i feel guilty every time I don't donate when they have their drives. Note to self: DONATE..they deserve it.

James Keepnews

Bill -- I get the impression I don't think SB deserves the award, either. Was this year's crop of female performances really that damn woebegone that Dames Helen and Meryl's sleepwalking (Streep-walking?) defined Best Actress downwards enough so that Ms. B's turn floated to the top? I loves Sandy, but in what other year would that performance have won an Oscar, much less have been nominated?


I don't remember Kubrick or Billy Wilder getting the kind of "death tribute" that John Hughes received . Take another look at his credits-very minor. Among the honored deaths were Budd Schulberg ( On The Waterfront) and Millard Kaufman (Bad day at Black Rock) Breakfast Club is an OK movie but nowhere near those 2 . Also hated taking the special oscars to Lauren Bacall & Roger Corman out of the show. What this years show lacked was respect for movie history.

Account Deleted

@Alex: Spielberg presented a clips montage on the Oscars when Kubrick died.

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