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March 09, 2010


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Mike Everleth

We need you on there as the anti-Twit, Glenn.

Sgt. Twit

Dude, don't you post Facebook status updates, which are essentially the same thing as tweets? And don't you live in the same universe I do, in which Twitter has become the sleek, streamlined, entertaining antidote to the garish and annoying Facebook? And that if people you follow on Twitter are saying things that bug you, you can unfollow 'em with the click of a button?

Not advocating for your return to the site. Just asking the tough questions, because someone's got to, and now that Armond White has had his first-amendment rights revoked, that duty falls to ME.

Glenn Kenny

@ Sgt. Twit: Those are tough questions, for which I have one answer: my presence on Facebook has actually yielded me paying work. I do not foresee a Twitter account rewarding me in any such fashion.

P. Hobby

Don't bother from the looks of your blog you don't have anything interesting to say any way.


That's Eric D. Snider, by the way, because he had to disassociate himself from the other Eric Snyders.

Jeff McMahon

P. Hobby is a doofus.


P Hobby's just still pissed about how that whole Orson Welles thing turned out.

Michael Worrall

P. Hobby sounds like he/she has continuity issues.

Eric Stanton

Someone really needs to read the First Amendment out loud, slowly, to Armond White, Sgt. Twit, and the whole merry band of Armond defenders. Unless Sgt Twit was kidding about AW's first amendment rights being "revoked." Which I hope he was.

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