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March 30, 2010


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wow. over two days and no comments for Pialat. Under the Sun of Satan has been one of my most rewatched VHS tapes in the DVD era. anyone without a major appreciation for Depardieu need only watch his Pialat films. U.S. release of this Pialat series would help to get more on board.

jim emerson

I'm glad to learn of this. I saw it at a 10am press screening in 1987 and (I think) drifted in and out of consciousness so that I wasn't sure what was the movie and what was a dream. The truth is, I am rarely fully awake until afternoon... or sundown. I have always wanted to give it another shot.

David N

I've been buying the MoC Pialats when I can afford to - so many DVDs, so little cash - and so far the series has been incredible, with "La Guele Ouverte" the highlight for me.
Its incredibly exciting to discover a director whose films feel utterly unique and unlike anybody elses. The fact that he doesn't enjoy a reputation similar to some of his French peers is baffling...

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