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March 25, 2010


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Tony Dayoub

Easily, one of the best films I saw last year, it often leads me to wonder what is in the auteurial ether of late that has led so many important directors to create films based on children's stories (albeit Breillat's is quite morbid, though not humorless), with Scorsese the latest addition to the club.

Charles Webb

It's strange (and disappointing)that we still haven't gotten an R1 release of "The Last Mistress" and that sucker was out and about 3 years ago.


Glenn: Rocco Siffredi's not in this, is he?

Glenn Kenny

@ Jasctt: Not only is SIffredi not in it, he's not even intimated....


That's good to know. Truth be told, I run pretty cold on CB but that still, honestly, kinda has me game to see this. I just never got why she was trying to shove "Rocco as Actor" down our throats (yeah, I know).

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