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March 03, 2010


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Account Deleted

Yes please.


I enjoy liveblogging, regardless of how institutional it's recently become. It's fun and kinetic, and allows for one to get a moment-to-moment sense of revelation, but with the attendant snark of the content provider and without actually having to suffer through the event itself. Sort of an idealized version of watching (and listening to) only the bottom fifth of the screen of an episode of MST3K.

I say thee yea!


Yep. Just so long as you make a lot of catty fashionista remarks (i.e. "Memo to [SO-AND-SO]! [BYGONE FASHION ERA/OBSOLETE CELEB] called! They want their [ILL-ADVISED ARTICLE OF CLOTHING] back!")

Daniel L.

Yes, please.

D Cairns

I've been pondering exactly the same question. I got a lot of hits last time. But I also felt kind of dirty. But I'll quite possibly be watching, and blogging about it theoretically justifies that a little bit.

I think you should do it if you enjoy it, because a bunch of us will enjoy it. And then maybe I won't have to stay up and watch the show, I can read about it here instead.

Earthworm Jim

I'll be at a Magnetic Fields concert Sunday night, but I'd totally read the transcript if you do this.


Absolutely. In fact, I wish I'd thought of doing this. Now I can't! Thanks a lot! But still, you should do it.

Matthew R.

Yes please Glenn, I'll be stuck at work that night with no tv. And to be honest, I'd take your commentary over having to watch the actual show any day.

Olli Sulopuisto

Oh yeas.

John Svatek

and yes I said yes I will Yes.


Man. John Svatek REALLY wants you to do this.


I've live-blogged a couple of Oscars in the past, and it's fun at first, but the appeal of it begins to wear off after a few hours. The fact that I'm watching in the UK, and therefore had to stay up all night, didn't help matters either.

Still, I'd like to read your take on it, Glenn. Anything that can liven up what looks like being an extremely dull and predictable show should be encouraged.

jim emerson

Do. I don't want to be alone.


Jim, we're all alone, in the end. ;)

michael white

Yes. Please.

Bruce Reid

I'll second D Cairns' caveat that you only do this if (and for as long as) you enjoy the experience. One of the dreariest reading experiences the internet has created is live-blogging done solely out of duty, watching as the fun snark erodes away to only occasional, increasingly petulant interjections.

But yeah, do it and I'd certainly check it out.


Yes please. The new Rivette is playing my neck of the woods for one night only on Sunday. And I'd much rather read your thoughts than sit thru the whole ceremony. Best of both worlds.


I vote yes, since I know your comments will be fantastic, whether the films and folks I like win or not.

Nathan Kerr

My vote is most certainly yes Glenn. It should add a good dose of entertainment to an otherwise predictable evening in terms of the "major" categories.

@JC: I had visions of Livia Soprano in her hospital room with Anthony Jr. Gave me a good chuckle


I am relatively new reader, but I say yes. I think your perspective on the affair would be very interesting.

Eric Stanton

If you'd enjoy it, sure. We'll all enjoy your snark, as well as any serious insights you'd care to lavish on the event.

But not if it's any kind of chore. 'Cause the Oscars aren't worth it.


You should do it, if you feel like it.

Damien Bona

Only if you want to. Bearing in mind that a lot of people will be too wrapped up in the show and/or whatever party they're attending to get to the computer.


I agree with Damien here -- I, for one, will be wrapped up at a party. That said, I would really love to read your commentary (and the one time I live-blogged the Oscars, when I was at a conference in Vancouver, really WAS lots of fun, so I can see your desire to do so).

Dan Coyle

I vote no. I love you too much, Glenn, to see you suffer like that.


Yes. Not because the Oscars are in any way significant (although they are, at least to the economic aspect of the medium), but because it tends to bring out some great humor..of course, you shouldn't do it if you don't think you'll enjoy it.




I say thee yay, 'cos I'd even watch you liveblog the Siberian film awards.


Well, not so much watch, as read.

A Girl

If the ABC-Cablevision dispute isn't resolved by Sunday, there's a chance the signal may be cut to NYC area subscribers. Being one of them, I'm half hoping that happens, thus avoiding feeling obligated to watch the B-O-re-scars. Glenn, assuming you'd be live blogging from NYC, unsure if that's something you'd want to take into consideration. Alternatively, ABC.com may be streaming the awards live?, in which case you'd need to view on one computer and blog on another. That said, my vote is yes!

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