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February 24, 2010


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don r. lewis

I thought that was Kubrick and Hitchcock when I saw it and audibly gasped. Wait, is that Stanley and Alfred?!?

The Chevalier

Of course, I'm the one who spots the Scorsese reference in that photo... Shane?...

Steve Winer

I'm looking forward to reading that book. I spent many happy days in the New Yorker: creeping carefully to my seat since the lights were never raised between performances (rumor was that was to prevent you seeing the little critters that scurried down the aisles)and visiting and re-visiting all those great films. I love owning classic films on DVD, but it's depressing to know I may never see W.C. Fields or the Marx Brothers on a screen that large again.
I also miss the great New Yorker bookstore around the corner where you walked up the narrowest steepest staircase seen outside a German expressionist movie to find the best film bookstore ever.
And yes, I signed that guest book too. Can't remember what movies I said I wanted to see since pretty much everything I could think of turned up at the New Yorker sooner or later.

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