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February 16, 2010


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Ryland Walker Knight

America, fuck yeah.

Matthias Galvin

Well, not totally.

Who you know gets you there.
But it's what you know lets you stay.


no...getting there makes you stay....
reputation snowballs regardless of ability unless of course you're one of the relatively nonexistent who find it hard to delude yourself and actually start to question your own hype.
you tell one friend and they tell two friends and so on and so on and so forth
so what? in new york you can be a poor duechebag who becomes a rich deuchbag and in europe you have to be a rich deuchebag first to be a rich deuchebag ...big whoop...what does it all mean?
even the most intelligent of us after all have an underlying awe and respect for success no matter how undeserved or random it may be.
how else for instance can one explain the phenomenom of someone like Madonna or that cat who's in al the you tube videos who now makes millions and millions of dollars and can't even meow correctly ...a cat! four legs...litter box...i mean jesus people what does a cat need with that kind of money...he can't even drive a car...
europeans definately definately have in the past had far more respect for the arts
but anyway the whole post is obsolete because there are no countries or continents anymore anyway and hardly any art...or at least much appreciation for it in any city ...just a general assholishness... only oppulence and poverty.
some guy though who ridiculously thinks he's still lives in france is probably masturbating right now to this post and eating crepes
so kudos in any event


It also helps if you can spell "douchebag" properly.


only if you're a woman

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