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February 14, 2010


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Congratulations, Glenn -- it's well-deserved. What Tatler says about your brevity, with no loss of richness, is an excellent point, and it's something I've long admired, going back to PREMIERE. It's a quality I strive for. So far, no luck.

jim emerson

I voted for you, too. Congrats!

D Cairns

Congratulations! Hope it comes with an actual stuffed hamster. I won a prize once that was supposed to be a preserved walrus penis, but I'm pretty sure it's a fake.

Mike D

"Congratulations, Professor Higgins!"

Keith Uhlich

Welcome to the club, Glenn. :-)


Congrats Glen! Well deserved recognition.

Jeff McM

Congrats and you're welcome. Keep up the good work and don't back down!

James Keepnews

Bravo, Glenn -- you're a provocateur in the best, truly provocative sense. Please keep up the fine work.

Ryan Kelly

Just want to second Bill and Tatler's thoughts about your penchant for brevity, as it's something that's always struck me about your writing as well (I only started reading you at the tail end of your career at Premiere, naturally). It's the mark of a true artist, to be able to express such complex thoughts so simply. You're always an inspiration in that sense.


Congrats Glenn, just saw 'The Whole Shootin Match' last night and went right to your blog to refresh myself on your comments from last year. Your write up on that film and your exchange with the late, great Lou Perryman was priceless and precisely why this blog sets itself apart from all others. Keep up the great work!

The Siren

Warmest congrats! It is well deserved.

Janice Demeski

Congratulations, Glenn. Keep up the great work.

Dixon Steele Pictures

you deserve it and more Glenn. keep up the great fucking writing you crazy diamond!

Owain Wilson

Well done, nice man.

Joe Mulligan

Any man who can tie Godard to Yosemite Sam, thus revealing a new shiny facet of insight, is my kind of guy. Liza says congrats, you suave guy!


Congratulations, I remember it well, it was Muffins who stared at it all the time and gave it a Heart attack.

evelyn garver

Many congratulations and good wishes! You are a pleasure to read.

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