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January 01, 2010


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Ryan Kelly

Happy New Year, Glenn.

Mike Everleth

I highly recommend meditation as a life-changing action. I don't practice it anymore, but when I did it allowed me to clear out a lot of the bullshit and to focus better. I recommend getting a book by Lama Surya Das and seeing if it's right for you. He has some good ideas on how to get started.


Happy New Year, Glenn, and keep up the good work. I enjoy perusing a lot of cinephile blogs but yours has always made me laugh the most. I mean, where else would the critical reaction to The Romance of Astrea and Celadon be described as "Rohmer getting the gasface"?


What fun would it be if you calmed down? Being angry isn't good for you, but IT'S YOUR JOB, man. One must sacrifice contentment for art.

I mean, imagine if Jeffrey Wells were somehow suddenly struck sane. What do you think would happen to his blog? Do you really wanna become the equivalent of sober Paul Westerberg?

Now you have a justification. You can say "Frank told me to do it." It's okay, I'll take the heat.

Account Deleted

Happy New Year Glenn, keep shooting from the hip.

Daniel L.

I saw the novelist Dorothy Allison speak once, and she talked about the relationship between anger and writing. She said something to the effect of, "It's okay to start writing out of anger, but it's not healthy to stay there."

While I admit to enjoying the new-asshole-tearing portions of your blog, you're able to be just as moving and effective when you're simply writing and analyzing the works you love. I think you're correct to desire a little move away from the Armond-bashing and whatnot.

I suggest staying away from the bashing, except for perhaps once or twice a year, when someone REALLY deserves it.


The blogosphere feeds too much anger and it ends up impotent.

Be angry for injustice, but recognize the goal in the end.

And you don't want to end up like Wells.

Happy New Year!


"Be the ball"

- Bill Murray 'Caddyshack'

Never too late to wish you, Happy New Year Glenn.

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