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January 12, 2010


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The Siren

We had this one shortlisted! I assume it was difficult to get for some reason. This week includes comedies and it would have fit nicely. I do want to see it. I enjoy Hope on screen, especially in the earlier pictures. This is getting on toward the declining years but Katharine Hepburn! -- it must be something.

Lou Lumenick

When Hope and Hepburn died within a month of each other in '03, I rang up Hope's longtime press rep to ask him who owned it. He told me that though Hope's production company was involved, nobody could figure out who controlled U.S. rights and they couldn't even locate a copy. So I directed the guy to a gray-marketeer in Saskatoon who sells Region 1 dubs of the U.K. release. "Jet Pilot'' was on our TCM list, too, I believe. The Siren and I did disgaree over the merits of Edward Ludwig's fascinating (at least in my estimation) "Big Jim McLaine,'' known as "Marihuana'' in Europe, where the Duke was chasing drug dealers instead of Commies. Even without that one, we submitted enough titles to allow for a "Shadows of Russia, Part 2.'' See you tonight!

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