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January 30, 2010


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I've seen the film (it's on my top 10 of 1947, between MISSISSIPPI HARE and FIREWORKS), and I'll admit I had to think about it for a second. Hope you haven't fallen on hard times! If anything, the process of interviewing in such a freeze-dried, nutrient-free manner must be as grueling for the stars-for-now as they must be for the journos. On one side, what can you ask in two minutes? On the other, what meaningful answers can you give to those kinds of questions? I don't envy anyone in any component of the whole operation.


A man has got to do, what he's got to do.

Glad the grub was good.

The Siren

"How does a man get to be a geek?" Not with free breakfasts and one-on-ones with [star name redacted], surely! That's gotta be better than a bottle of rotgut a day.

"I don't get that reference." FEH.

D Cairns

Working in the open air! The adulation of the crowds! Getting paid in booze! What cruel fate doomed me to work in cinema-related writing and teaching when I could have become a circus geek?

Will Pfeifer

"It'll only be for a little while... just until we get a reall geek."


I watched NIGHTMARE ALLEY this morning, having been shamed into it by this post, and good Jesus, you were feeling low, weren't you?

Also, it was a fantastic movie, that I nevertheless wish had ended at the line "Man, I was born for it."

Mr. Peel

This ran in L.A. at the New Beverly a few weeks ago on a Stuart Gordon-programmed double bill with THE SWIMMER so I was able to get it in just under the wire in order to appreciate the reference.

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