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December 07, 2009


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Glenn, Appointment With Danger came up in a search on a peer-to-peer network, but there's only one source, so it might take a while.

Let you know if I have any luck.

Tom Russell

"Worse, late in the picture there are a lot of frames missing from individual scenes, making something of a hash of said sequences."

This reminds me of an Italian (or possibly Spanish) vampire movie one of my cult-movie-obsessed friends insisted that I borrow. The DVD was missing several frames from each scene, but instead of just jump-cutting from one moment to the next, the screen went to black for what was presumably the duration of the shot. According to the friend, it wasn't only the DVD but the film print that featured that peculiarity; the director himself had removed the frames to make lobby cards! Dunno if that was true, but it made for a surreal viewing experience.

I can't remember the title, but boy, was it a crappy, boring, nonsensical euro-sleaze vampire movie, with ridiculous amounts of nudity. Ring any bells?

the pouncing night eagle

I've found 'Appointment with Danger' on a torrent site with 4 sources, so I could get it to you pretty quick if you want to pull a Rabin...

the pouncing night eagle

Sorry Glenn, I'm a long time reader and didn't mean to bait you on my very first comment. I would be happy to download it for you if you want to review a relatively pretty-good quality pirated copy.

Glenn Kenny

Actually, "Pouncing Night Eagle," I thought the first comment was pretty damn funny, and I'm interested in the proposition. Drop me a line at [email protected] and we'll work something out, peer-to-peer, collector-to-collector style. I'd try it myself but I'm afraid my hard drive would burst a blood vessel or something. Thanks.

Ed Hulse

Did Farber really confuse Jane Wyatt for Jane Wyman?

Glenn Kenny

No, Ed, that was me. As you know, I do that all the time...even when inputting other peoples' texts, apparently. All fixed. Thanks.

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