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December 15, 2009


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I'm always filled with love. Always. Merry Christmas, Glenn.


Also, that's a very lovely tree you have there.

Glenn Kenny

Thanks. It's from our local hardware/gardening store around the block. For the last few years we thought they'd be too expensive, and went to the independent seasonal parking lot vendors instead. Turns out Mazzone's not only has the super-nicest trees, but they are cheaper than the ones sold in the lots. Reminds me of the Empire Carpet commercial, somehow...

John M

Awww...Tom Servo.


I'm more of a Crow guy, myself, but I can certainly see Tom's appeal.


I'd give two limbs (minimum) for a Tom Servo ornament that played his mental breakdown from the episode where he convinces himself that some Japanese sci-fi flick (PRINCE OF SPACE?) is actually the MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS.

Jeff McMahon

I thought the Bride was some kind of plush female Buddha at first glance. Very cozy setup, anyway.

I have that exact same Servo figurine, BTW.

Diane Rainey

Glenn...your tree is as unique as you are. I love the way you write. Tom Coughlin, (another William Paterson College Beaconer from the early 1980's) and I were speaking of you the other day. Merry Christmas to you and your wife, et al.

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