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December 28, 2009


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How do you know she had a dorsal double? HOW DO YOU KNOW!?

That was the point of this post, right? If not, and in all honesty, that's a nice story, Glenn. I'm always keen to see these particular kinds of stereotypes upended. Good timing, too.

Glenn Kenny

@ bill: Check out the way the shot cuts, before it can resolve on "her" profile. That's slightly short of full epistemological certainty, but it's good enough for me!


4 thoughts in response:

1) Sweet story.

2) Re: Farmiga's double - this shot made me think, "This is a body double and I DON'T GIVE A DAMN." (Quick Google search turns up nothing, except confirmation of your - well, everyone's - suspicion.)

3) Recent headlines make me reticent to overturn my perception of ANY airline employee incompetence, but this has nothing to do with **ethnic** stereotypes... just corporate ones.

4) Any name-drop of O. Henry immediately brings to mind that wonderful and absurd O. Henry sketch on SCTV - which, since any excuse to recall the genius of SCTV is a good excuse, is to me the happiest effect of your tale!

Hugh Betcha's Short Story Playhouse: The Private Booth

This week, the stories of O'Henry, the master of the surprise ending.

The Private Booth

A gentleman informs that waiter at his favorite restaurant that he is going to commit suicide. The waiter gives the gentleman a piece of his mind. A lion kills the waiter.

Hugh, unhappy with the improbable ending, looks it up in a life of O'Henry.

O'Henry's Life: The Private Booth

O'Henry argues with his wife after she finishes reading the story. He goes to his local pub, and is ridiculed for the ending. His publisher likes the lion, but tries to persuade O'Henry to get rid of the rest of the story. O'Henry ends up in the booth and contemplates suicide. A lion shows up.

Courtesy sctvguide.ca



The good news is it's not a meme, but the bad news is you've been "tagged"...after a fashion. I'm soliciting submissions for a year-end round-up on my blog, in which bloggers offer up their own favorite piece that they've written in the past year (I did this last year too, picking the pieces myself, which was nice; however, finding myself stretched out too thin to attempt it this year I took the lazy, er, democratic route...). Could be from here, Auteurs, anywhere really. Hope you'll jump in - the piece will probably go up in a couple days but I'll keep updating it so "late" suggestions are welcome...

At any rate, it should help me catch up with some great stuff I've missed in my own sporadic blogging in '09; hopefully next year can be a little more consistent. By the way, I saw The Girlfriend Experience and...well, I sincerely enjoyed your part more than anything else in the movie - take that for what you will!

Happy new year all,

Joel (MovieMan0283)

Dan Coyle

Jaime: Holy shit, I have got to see that sketch. One of my favorite SCTV bits is Rick Moranis in MERV GRIFFIN: THE WORLD BEYOND. Where Griffin gets on the ship from Close Encounters in the middle of his show, and finds Orson Wells on there. In a flight suit.


Farmiga herself has confirmed that it was a body double. I don't have a link, but I read it today.

Diane Rainey

Working in an airport at any level has to be hellacious in my opinon. Nice story, Glenn. Happy 2010.

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