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November 19, 2009


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Tom Carson

Unless you (gasp)bought it, I'm just jealous that WB coughed up a Blu-ray for you. I could go on about GWTW until the sainted Margaret Mitchell herself begged me to shut up so long as I had an excuse, which in this case was not forthcoming.


Was this blog just self-censored? Where's "White people patting themselves on the back"? Talkback was going to get really interesting...

Glenn Kenny

Yes—the blog WAS just self-censored. Not because of the topic, or the talkback, but because of my (admittedly probably too-late) realization that calling out a fellow writer for a pronouncement he made on a not-entirely-public forum was a real asshole move, one I need to make some amends for. If I had been more on the ball a few years ago I could have made hay with the second example I cited, but I didn't. No fair of me to stretch a point when it wasn't genuinely applicable.


Well put. Sorry for bringing it up.

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