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November 15, 2009


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There's a restored print making the rounds, courtesy of the Film Noir Foundation. http://www.filmnoirfoundation.org Ellroy has said that Webb Garwood is the inspiration for the Bud White character in L.A. Confidential.

patrick w

caught a double feature of this with double indemnity in chicago this summer - a screening that changed the way my young critical self views the cinema/the world, no hyperbole! every cineaste owes it to themselves to track down a copy of the prowler.

as noteworthy as farber's appreciation for the picture: fereydoun hoveyda's placement of the prowler on his list of the "ten best american films of the talking era" in the december 1963/january 1964 issue of cahiers (as per jdcopp's blog my gleanings - http://jdcopp.blogspot.com/2007/02/fereydoun-hoveyda-10-best-films-cahiers.html ). truly, the prowler is a litmus test for cinematic/moral sensibilities that gel with my own and losey's masterwork.

Earthworm Jim

I too saw this in Chicago this summer at the Noir City fest, but unfortunately I found James Ellroy's one-sentence review a lot more thought-provoking than the film itself. Heflin is terrific, yes, and the script is solid, but I just didn't see the sick-'n'-twisted element that everyone seems to find in in this movie. But I saw a print of Welles' Lady From Shanghai the same day, so it's all good! (Now there's my kind of sick-'n'-twisted.)


Way off topic, but I thought everyone would want to know that Edward Woodward has passed away...


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