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November 02, 2009


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The Siren

A Gang of Four reference? for moi? I am honored indeed. And "weepy old Bolshy" cracked me.

The Siren

"cracked me UP."

I'm a bit giddy tonight.


Lemenick, the crass hit-a-sick-legendary-pulitzer-prize-winning-film-critic-with-a-binder hack? Say it ain't so Turner!


Are you going to present any these films, Siren? I guess not, or it would have said so. That would be pretty sweet. Then you could tell everyone watching how much Bill hates Commies. It's time the world knew, after all.

Anyway, congratulations. This is very, very cool, and well deserved.


One of Hollywood's strangest epics, MISSION TO MOSCOW has fascinated me since I saw it back in the 1970s. And the reemergence from limbo of McCarey's MY SON, JOHN is practically an cinema event in itself. This coming themed series is indeed cool -- full kudos to the Siren and Lou Lumenick!

Lou Lumenick

This Red Diaper Baby -- the series will happily coincide with what would have been my Commie dad's 100th birthday -- salutes you Glenn. And for making me aware of the whip-smart Siren's existence in the first place.


Wow! Hell of a list. Time for me to get TCM! And, of course, Siren, congratulations!

Tom Carson

My inner Nabokovite can't help noticing that Farran Nehme is a homonym for "foreign name." O Siren, is this just one more veil you're teasing us with? But I can't wait for "Shadows of Russia"all the same.

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