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October 06, 2009


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Tom Russell

Oh, HOMICIDAL is a hoot! I like it better than PSYCHO, and, no, I'm not just being impish this time. :-)

Peter Nellhaus

I'm glad to know that the set includes the documentary "Spine Tingler". I saw it last year at the Denver International Film Festival. They also showed "The Tingler" although if you had asked me, they should have shown "Homicidal" because of the Jean Arliss connection, plus Castle's cameo, both which would have been perfect with the festival's screening of "Shampoo", which went with their salute to Laszlo Kovacs.

Jason M.

Meh, William Castle's an amateur at this whole credit hog thing. Marv Newland, on the other hand, is the real deal.

Regardless, looks like a great set.

John M

Those title cards are awesome. I guffawed.

Pete Apruzzese

I wonder if that odd credit is due to the film having been released in two different versions (the British release was 3 years later than the American, and was missing 7 minutes). Not to mention that the American theatrical release was in black & white, but the TV prints were in color.

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