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October 05, 2009


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The Siren

My condolences, Glenn. She sounds like a wonderful woman.


So sorry to hear of your loss, Glenn.

Tony Dayoub

Yes, Glenn... my condolences. It's obvious she touched your life in a powerful way.


I'm so sorry for your loss, Glenn. She does sound like she was a hell of a woman.

Ed Howard

Whoa, that's really a shame. I didn't know her but I've been to various shows at ISSUE over the years as it's shuttled around the city, and I've always seen her around at things and never really knew who she was. Very sad. ISSUE has always been a great venue, and there are few enough places in NY these days that really promote and support what you call "forward-looking music."

steve simels

How terribly sad. She sounds pretty amazing, Glenn -- so sorry for your loss, for want of a better phrase.

James Keepnews

Ms. Fiol's passing has sent a shock throughout the avant music scene in NYC, which she did so much to support during one of the least supportive periods imaginable for any culture at all in the city, least of all for the more experimental sort. I didn't know her very well but never attended a bad show at IPR. The work she made posisble there and in its eventual (+ remarkable) new home will be a living monument to her tireless dedication to truly forward-looking creative music and culture.

My condolences to her family and friends, like Glenn.

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