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October 04, 2009


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Joseph "Jon" Lanthier

Well, excellent observations thus far -- I'm moving through the LoA Farber book myself as we speak. And no need to apologize for the Ochs pun -- after all, I'm sure it wouldn't interest anybody outside of a small circle of Glenns anyhow...

D Cairns

That Detective Story review always bugged me a little because he goes into a thing about how the rooms are full of mist, to give it "some outdoor excitement." I've never been able to see this mist. If I did, I would probably assume it was meant to represent cigarette smoke or something, rather than fog. But I can't see it at all!

There are these odd moments with Farber where I just don't get what he saw, or whether he saw it, or what...

He's a superb writer, and he opens up lots of new ways into the films he discusses, and usually his powers of observation are very strong, but sometimes...

Arthur S.

My favourite essay of Farber is where he talks about 70s films where he discusses Fassbinder, Altman, Straub and Akerman. The way he talks about the composition and frontal arrangement has stayed with me.


A million thanks for this post. I had no idea there was a LoA edition of Farber coming out. My next paycheck just got a little bit taken off the top.

I don't like to engage in hyperbole, so I'll just say that I think THE THIRD MAN is about the best thing ever done by humans. Encountering Farber's takedown of said film in Negative Space is something I'll never forget. However, per the thesis of this post, it did teach me that I could disagree completely with a critic I respected without being driven into a blithering rage (hey there, Pauline).

I seem to recall reading an interview with Farber a few years back (Film Comment?) in which he mentioned that he and Patterson really wanted to do an in-depth piece on MISS CONGENIALITY. Does anyone else remember this? Cuz I just reread that sentence and it sure seems like the result of an acid trip.


Hi Glenn, All 3 of those titles are obtainable. 'The Prowler' is on ebay now (trader: noschooltoday). My contacts Eric ('O'Hara') and Bob ('Appointment') should be able to help - I'll ask them to contact you.
Cheers, Roger

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