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October 17, 2009


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trooper york

Why Campbell Scott, the guy who did "Big Night." Maybe you could even get the ghost of Louie Prima to show up.

Ed Hulse

I think it would be much easier -- and more fun -- to buy all those cookbooks and eat your way through them after finding somebody else to prepare the meals. And then write about all the antiacids you took and all those supplications to the Porcelain God.

Lou Lumenick

Jeez Glenn, I can feel my arteries hardening just reading about this.


Extraordinarily delicious sounds appropriate after reading the ingredients. I've skimmed The Nero Wolfe Cookbook a few times, now I think I'll actually check it out if only to try the recipe for clams hashed with eggs.

John M

I'd recommend putting a little more time into the photography.

Something about looking at someone's half-eaten brunch...just...doesn't sit right with me.


I say get Nagisa Oshima to direct. I once saw him as a guest judge on Iron Chef.

Trivia: Campbell Scott's co-director on the great Big Night was Stanley Tucci, who co-stars in Julie & Julia.


Looks yummy, I have read all the Nero Wolf books(as you might recall)I enjoyed reading about his dinners(prepared by Chef ??).Go for it, I'm sure your LW will enjoy.

Shawn Stone

The chitlins sequence will need to be presented in glorious (inglourious?) Smell-O-Vision. And the audience will react with more horror than William Castle ever provoked.

D Vertino

Yeah, Glenn.. you need to work on your presentation. As Rachel Ray says almost every show (in that annoying, near-baby-talk) "You eat with your eyes first!"

Personally. I eat with my hands first.

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