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October 26, 2009


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Aaron Aradillas

From Blue Velvet to Logan's Run. So, that's how it is in that marriage.

Not to be all George W. Bush and get hung up on details, but wouldn't the summer of '78 make you 16-going-on-17?

No need to shave off a year, Glenn. You'll always be young @ heart.

Tim Lucas

Your Lovely Wife continues to be my Hero.

S. Porath

It strikes me as cruel to put these films out in Blu-ray, though this one I'll watch just for Goldsmith's score.

Glenn Kenny

@ Aaron A: July of '76 it was, but yes, it still made me 16-going-on-17. FIxed.


Yes, well, that's the movie, right there. That, and those cool guns, or rather, the guns we used to think were so cool, but now realize are just cigarette lighters.

I'm a bit younger than you, Glenn, but the MPAA allowed nudity into PG films well into the 80s, as well. Witness the wonderful Judi Bowker in CLASH OF THE TITANS. I believe her bath scene in that film instilled in me a certain particular fondness for a certain particular something that I carry with me to this day.

Daniel L.

PG movies with nudity were my raison d'etre in my early 80s childhood. CLASH OF THE TITANS, SHEENA, SPLASH. I was about to say that today's children are deprived, but then I remembered they have access to god-knows-what via the internets.

Tony Dayoub

Can't wait to see this again on Blu. One of my favorite guilty pleasures because of Agutter, Goldsmith's score, the Farrah Fawcett-MAJORS cameo, and the lead turn by the then ubiquitous Michael York (is there a seventies movie he didn't appear in?).

But the best thing about the film is Richard Jordan's perf as the villain.


"is there a seventies movie he didn't appear in?"

CABARET. Oh wait, no...


@ bill. God bless- Judi Bowker was the very first thing that popped into my head while reading this entry. I don't see how the pending remake can hope to succeed without Bowker, Meredith, and Harryhausen.

If memory serves, that LOGAN'S RUN line got reused in the immortal THE PERILS OF GWENDOLINE IN THE LAND OF YIK-YAK. Tawney Kitaen and the male lead are caught in a downpour in the jungle and he literally says something like "It's raining! Quick- take off your shirt!". I'm pulling this memory from high school but... well... it left an impression.

Tom Russell

I think the last movie that got away with nudity (and quite a bit of it, at that!) and got a less-than-an-R rating was TITANIC.

Glenn Kenny

@ Tom: Yes, I always wondered about that. I imagine that Fox and/or Cameron made sure the ratings board members all got really nice Christmas baskets that year.


I don't know why, but I've always found this kind of hypnotic. Fish, and plankton, and sea greens, and protein from the sea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKROeWxZHfg

Tom Russell

@Glenn: Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I always took that scene to be a reward for sitting through the rest of TITANIC. Kinda like the Al Pacino scene in GIGLI.

Aaron Aradillas

Did someone justcompare sittingthrough TITANIC to sitting through GIGLI? Surely you can't be serious?

Tom Russell

I'm not really a fan of TITANIC. I don't find it to be particularly gripping, well-acted, well-written, or otherwise intelligent. I have a taste for spectacle as well as sentiment, but TITANIC is not to my taste in either department. While we might differ about it, I don't think that difference should be surprising; surely, I'm not the first person you've come across to find TITANIC over-blown and gushy?

And-- as my habit of making comparisons seems destined to continue getting me in trouble-- I do hasten to add that I'm only comparing the place of Kate Winslet's breasts and Al Pacino's yelling in the structure of each film. Both provide oodles and oodles of aesthetic pleasure in their own right, but both are surrounded by films from which I don't derive aesthetic pleasure. By watching the rest of GIGLI, I earn the right to watch Late Period Al Pacino at his most Late Period Al Pacino-esque, and by sitting through TITANIC, I get to stare at naked Kate Winslet for several long minutes.

I think in both cases it's a more than fair trade-off.

arkasas tech university

what the line doesn't work for you guys?? I use it all the time... Kidding! This is a real funny post though.


I'll take GIGLI over TITANIC any time, if for no other reason than it's 1 1/4 hours shorter.

James Rocchi

Actually, I don't know if the Blu has it or not, but there was a DVD of Logan's Run with FULL COMMENTARY by Mr. York. Which is simultaneously heartening and delusional. Like when he says "You know, a year before Star Wars -- these weren't bad effects." And, of course, you think: Yes, they bloody were. Or during the above-rhapsodized scene, wherein all York can say as Ms. Agutter disrobes is "Oh, Jenny. ...."

And, if you were not of the Logan's-Run-in-Theaters-generation (I was, uh, 8), Ms. Agutter's work in American Werewolf in London did much the same thing. For several generations, Ms. Agutter's like a nude Zelig.

Dylan P.

Hands-down the best use of Michael York in a film is FEDORA.

I am only half kidding.


Regarding Jenny Agutter... Summer 1971: WALKABOUT. Rated GP, and praised by Parents Magazine! You guys have no idea.

Glenn Kenny

@ Griff: Oh, I had an idea. Unfortunately I was twelve and the picture never played at a Theater Near Me.

@ Dylan P.: As an unapologetic "Fedora" fan, I'll laud your theory, without the qualification.

@ James Rocchi: The commentary's on the Blu ray. Full quote: "Oh Jenny! I had forgotten about this shot...[audible shrug]...well, there you go..."


Is there a film where Jenny Agutter DOESN'T get her kit off?

God love her.


Seeing as everyone is talking about their Walkabout experiences, I'll throw in this one. I saw Walkabout in high school. Literally, in my high school. The AV guy in my school was a major cineaste and he showed Walkabout in the school auditorium, during a free period or something, just drop in and watch. I saw On The Waterfront for the first time that way also. This was 1974 or 1975. All I remember about Jenny Agutter from the film is that she was brunette, although I recall liking the movie. One afternoon later in the term I surprised the AV guy by bumping into him at a showing of King Vidor's The Big Parade at the Detroit Institute of Art. Movies were pretty much my curriculum in high school.


@ Griff: That's probably because some/all of the nudity was cut on Walkabout's initial release, or so I've gleaned.

Wouldn't a good alternate title for this post be Mind In Agutter?

Dan Coyle

I owned and treasured my copy of Club Dread. And it wasn't for the comedy stylings of Jay Chandrasekhar, I can telll you that much.

Michael Adams

Saw Walkabout in its initial release in Atlanta. Jenny went skinnydipping at end. Seeing Agutter or Winslet in anything (with the notable exception of The Holiday) is always a great pleasure, seeing them unclothed even better.


Another 70s teen here, whose mind was all a-gutter. HBO was a big help, with its frequent screenings of EQUUS and CHINA 9 LIBERTY 37.

In my memory, LOGAN'S RUN is a two-hour loop of that ice cave scene, but surely there was more to it.


I read this entry a couple of days ago, but coming back and seeing "Michael York, mack daddy," again flashed me back to 9th grade, '76/'77. We read Romeo & Juliet in English class, and our super-cool teacher got the movie theatre in the mini-mall nearby to screen Zeferelli's version.

I remember my friend Belinda gasping with lust every time Michael York appeared on screen.

I didn't get the fuss at the time, but years later, watching The Three Musketeers on TCM, I had just one word: dahayum!

D Vertino

Man... I was 11 seeing this in the theater (on a double-bill with 2001 at the dollar theater!), and boy, I can tell you, it's one of my favorite movie-going memories.

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