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October 07, 2009


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Dylan P.

Are we getting some Losey love soon?

Glenn Kenny

Pretty soon, yeah.


Well, I've seen MR. KLEIN, at least. Knowing my luck, that won't be the one you plan on talking about.

Dylan P.

From the Bardot book my guess is "Modesty Blaise", about which Glenn's assessment will SLAY.

Dylan P.

Wait, what the hell am I talking about, Bardot's not in that movie. FUGGET IT.


That Chris Rodley is the luckiest guy on the series. He also gets to edit Lynch on Lynch.


I was planning on seeing Mr. Klein myself soon, as I'm trying to find anything I can that features Juliet Berto (sadly, there's not a whole lot available). I was pretty underwhelmed by La Chinoise, and I have Alain Tanner's The Middle of the World ready to watch.

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