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October 13, 2009


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Tom Russell

Glad you had a nice weekend, Glenn. I've never heard of peanut soup, but it sounds utterly delectable. (Off to google for recipes...)

And I *know* I've seen that image before, but for the life of me, I can't suss out the film.

Ian W. Hill

Well, since no one else has brought it up, it's from Un Chien Andalou, isn't it?

Tony Dayoub

Can't wait to read this week's Topics.

brian stegner

Un chien andalou, absolutely.


So, if we put them in a jar and shake it, will they fight?


I thought it was UN CHIEN ANDALOU, but then I realized it was one of the more Godardian shots from TRANSFORMERS 2.

Glad you had a nice weekend, Glenn!

Glenn Kenny

Yes, it's from "Chien." All those who guessed correctly have my permission to apply for membership in the New York Film Critics' Circle. Good luck!

Tom Russell

((hangs head in cinephile shame))

Nathan Duke

Actually, that UN CHIEN ANDALOU shot was the sole inspiration for TORQUE. In case you didn't know.


One day, when I was about 7, my local uhf station apparently found itself with a little extra time in the programming day. So someone had the bright idea to show a public domain print of UN CHIEN ANDALOU- literally in between episodes of STARBLAZERS and VOLTRON at 9 am. It made my brain hurt and I spent the next 13 years telling people about "this crazy thing about a guy with ants in his hands" until I finally saw it again in college.


Aw, man! You were in Williamsburg!? That's only about an hour away from me! I could have, I don't know, horned in on your good time, or something!

Glenn Kenny

@bill: We'll be back, for sure. That's good to know!

@otherbill: That's as hilarious as my apocryphal "Brute Force/The Egg And I" story: http://glennkenny.premiere.com/blog/urban_legends_of_cinema/


I so hope that BRUTE FORCE story is true. What a great Surrealist game!


Allow me to reprint my comment from that thread:

Sorry, Glenn, this is definitely a myth. Many years ago, TV GUIDE ran an article about how movies were edited to fit into finite time slots. At the end of the article, the writer jokingly speculated that it would be funny if someone cut from that scene to THE EGG AND I "and never go back to BRUTE FORCE!" It has apparently been embellished over the years.

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