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September 12, 2009


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Thanks for the warning on Diablo's latest toxic dump.

For months I had been entertaining the delusion that "The Informant!" was serioso-Soderbegh prior to finally spotting the giveaway exclamation point in the title. The previews look iffy, but maybe I'll give a shot.


Glenn, I'm sorry, but I have to ask: why do the racist jokes in JENNIFER'S BODY get called out for being what they are, but the Christian jokes WOULD get a pass if they'd been funny? Bigotry's bigotry, you know. So either it would all be fine if it were funny, or none of it's okay.

Glenn Kenny

@Bill: The racist jokes in "Jennifer's Body" aren't funny, either. Should have made that clear. But it's true; I was thinking too much about movie convention, I'll admit, and the way that Apatow movies can get away with racist jokes by cloaking them in the putatively correct "contexts." The Christian-bashing jokes in "Body" are just bald-faced and stupid, and wouldn't have worked even had they had some stereotypically ignorant character there to set them up. My point being that the jokes are largely just bad.


Fair enough. I'm winding down from "Scold Mode" as we speak.


I never quite warmed up to Juno, but I was hoping Cody's penchant for pop-culture dialogue might work in a contemporary horror film, but, alas, 'twas not meant to be (the inclusion of Megan Fox was my first warning). Soderbergh's new film looks impressive, if only for the fact that the world has been waiting nearly a decade for Scott Bakula to make another feature film. Seriously, after a depressing Summer Blockbuster season, I'm looking forward to so many potentially-intriguing Fall films!


After seeing how much of a boost David Rasche has gotten from the espionage satire genre (Burn After Reading and In the Loop), I think that Bakula might succeed there, as well. All of my favorite 80s-TV stars will get the comebacks they deserve.

Earthworm Jim

I heard that Thomas F. Wilson, aka Biff from Back to the Future, is in The Informant as well. Plus stand-up comedy masters like Patton Oswalt and Paul F. Tompkins. This might be the most quirkily cast Hollywood movie since...ever?

Dan Coyle

I saw Biff in the trailer, as well as Clancy Brown and Ann Cusack.

Jason M.

Not to mention Tony Hale, in what appears to be full-on Buster Bluth mode; glad to see him getting more work after Arrested Development. Looks to be a wacky cast (in a good way).

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