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September 18, 2009


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"far more a Nabokov man than a Hemingway one"

And that's why I love you so, nnnn.

Earthworm Jim

It appears that both links go to the fake Armond White, though I've heard elsewhere that the fake you was taken down already.

Glenn Kenny

Link fixed, although for the life of me I don't know why. The fake me didn't come down, only changed names. Goddamn jagoff actually compelled me to do something I said I'd never do, and start my own Twitter account, as theglennkenny.

My William Wilson seems to have an even bigger problem with my weight than I do, and should probably remember that even Totie Fields expanded her topics every now and again. Also, I prefer those new-fangled "Popped Chips" to Pringle's. How about a little research?

Earthworm Jim

Ok, so he knows your topical concerns, but this guy totally fails to capture your STYLE. You would never be so sloppy or inconsistent w/r/t punctuation and grammar, even with a 140-character restriction.

Glad to see you're on there for realz, though!


I must say, that doesn't seem all that accurate to me. You may be an angry guy on occasion, but not about the things this guy targets.


Oh, Glen. Don't you know? Twitter loves you. Twitter wants to be with you. Always.


I did kind of like the "Sasha Grey Poupon" joke . . .

Glenn Kenny

I like that joke too, but it's a bit of a "gimme," as it were. Takes no actual talent to make it, only an eye for the opportunity.

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