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September 04, 2009


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craig keller.

A great and touching post at The Auteurs, Glenn.


Jason M.

So very sad.

The Siren

I hadn't heard of these two young critics, and I am clearly the poorer for that. My heartfelt condolences to all who knew them. And thank you, Glenn, for pointing out that the future of cinema as art is, in no small measure, in the hands of people like Nika and Alexis.


I was hoping this thread would really blossom, since it's an incredibly rich topic, albeit (in this case) marked with sadness.

This post, and the The Autuers post that I read subsequently, have prompted no small amount of cogitation, as well as, so far, one excellent viewing experience: Lisandro Alonso's LIVERPOOL. This flick has been getting so small amount of critical attention, here and internationally, and it's precisely the kind of film these unfortunate young critics were committed to talking about.

It's fascinating to read some of the reviews, which are mostly polarized, as they represent a true struggle to come to terms with genuinely challenging material. The consensus seems to lie somewhere around the film's effect being primarily ineffable, which is shaky ground for any critic. "Feeling" "Tactile" "Atmosphere" come up a lot - this is exactly the kind of film that critics should be giving their A game to, since it's these films that are the most difficult to talk about without sounding either pretentious or vague.

Anyway, I'm wondering if folks around Some Came Running (including, obviously, our host) have had a chance to see it, and if so, what they thought.

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