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September 05, 2009


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craig keller.

You have touched upon one of the three main reasons I do not live in New York, no offense to yourself or others who make it their home.

I cannot fucking stand the MEME of, the PALAVER around, the see-and-be-seen ASPECT to...


Or "Brunching."

With its unspoken code being: "when I invite you for 'brunch,' it means I don't think enough of you to invite you to take up the ostensibly more 'substantial' time of my evening event-hours."


I hope Pastis has been run into the cobblestones.

Thanks for this post, even if these weren't exactly your own sentiments.

Glenn Kenny

No offense taken Craig. Although that's some pretty funny stuff. Let me explain—as a bred-in-the-bone old school Jersey boy, I know where you're coming from. It's just that I haven't been back there in a while (not that I've ever eaten at Pastis, at least not when I myself was picking up the check). I'm trying to remember the first time I ever heard of "brunch," the concept. I think Elephant and Castle was involved. Back when it was really Elephant and Castle.

Back then, the intention was good—a pretext to get snockered on Sunday morning, of all times. These days, church actually is the better alternative most of the time...


I think Anthony Bourdain hates brunch too, and says that all the chefs are hungover and/or really don't want to be there, so you're going to a shite meal.

James Keepnews

Brunch is my favorite meal of the day, when my cash and time can swing it. It has far less to do with chi-chi locations than the civilized hour of the day wherein it is available, viz. a weekend early afternoon (sp?) the night before, then sleeping in, then getting a fine, slow repast that goes great with coffe and/or vodka.

But, you know, I don't read Glenn's blog in the evening, either, because it's too declasse and downmarket for my...>ahem<...evening event-hours. Which isn't like event-horizons, which are themselves easier to get into than Pastis at brunchtime....

James Keepnews

Sorry -- so much for editing, much less after the event. I MEANT to type: "viz. a weekend early afternoon civilized by much snockering (sp?) the night before"...

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I hope Pastis has been run into the cobblestones.

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