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September 27, 2009


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S. Porath

Just listened to the Beatles one...fantastic podcast. I'm in the strange position of being a huge Beatles fan, but being about the farthest thing from an audiophile there is, so the whole mono vs. stereo thing is largely lost on me. But that is one hell of a conversation, and I got choked up myself simply by hearing the various reactions to some of the songs. Old codger you may be, but this 23 year-old was moved not only by the emotions expressed about the songs, but by how amazingly familiar they are...I was sure I was the only one who felt exactly that way about the goofy and profound and perfect lyrics of 'Dear Prudence' (with that one, the bass line alone kills me).
Thanks for taking part in and pointing my attention to that wonderful conversation...it gave me more pleasure that I'm sure any of you were expecting.

Glenn Kenny

Thanks so much for that, S. Porath. I am glad that my confreres and I made you so happy. Hope to keep it up in whatever way possible.

Aaron Aradillas

@ S. Porath: Thank you so much for those kind words. I'm pretty proud of the way that podcast tunred out. I knew Glenn and Vadim would be cool, but Ms. Powers really raised the quality of the show.

More than any other musical act, The Beatles provoke the most immediate, emotional response to their music. That's why they still matter.


Thank you for this. I have listened to the Beatles and it makes me go back in time.

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