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August 16, 2009


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Allen Belz

Hear hear...heard about Les, but not about Jim. Was spinning 'Sister Lovers' about a week ago.


Jim? Oh, man. With Rashied Ali, we have the trifecta. Yes, the motherfuckers three.

Joseph "Jon" Lanthier

What?!? Jim Dickinson died? For his contributions to Ry Cooder's first few albums for Warners alone he deserves a seat in pop culture Valhalla. Thanks for the notification...


It's worth mentioning that Jim's contributions to Ry Cooder's soundtrack albums went way above and beyond the role of sideman. I hope sometime his re-recordings of the Cooder soundtracks, featuring his (then) very young sons Luther and Cody, see some kind of release soon. Ditto, his autobiography, which a friend of mine has read and deems excellent. Like Jim's self penned epitaph would have it, "I'm Just Dead, I'm Not Gone."

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