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August 18, 2009


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seth hurley

There are 2 seasons (not just the one) & 2 specials with a third season on the way.

Glenn Kenny

The imdb listing erroneously lists the specials as comprising "Season 2," while the British Comedy Guide divides the six episodes of its initial run into two seasons of three episodes each. In any event the DVD two-disc that calls itself "The Complete First Series" has all six extant episodes, while the two-disc set called "The Specials" contains all the specials. I really wish I hadn't decreed a snark-free week.

seth hurley

Only meant to offer the upside that there are 6 more episodes available to enjoy. Youtube them & let your snark soar.


Haven't seen In The Loop yet or more than 5 minutes of The Thick of It, but I really love Ianucci's collaborations with the absolutely stonking brilliant Chris Morris, particularly the sister programs The Day Today and Brass Eye. Surely the latter has to be some of the most brutal satire ever on the Tube, especially the "Paedogeddon" episode. Anybody seen any of that?

Owain Wilson

The Thick Of It is an astonishingly good TV show. The very first scene features a scenario so absurd, and a character so unbelievably malevolent, it almost makes you gasp. You sit back and wonder if government politicians really operate this way, and you realise it's probably much, much worse.

Favourite moment: "Oh, you fool! They were nice biscuits, they cost four pounds!"


BTW, the Ianucci/Morris stuff I'm raving about can be found on YouTube.

"The Day Today, because fact into doubt won't go."

Earthworm Jim

Ditto on Chris Morris, though my favorite show of his is the savagely brilliant "Nathan Barley," which satirizes hipster media culture (think Vice Magazine). It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and much more accessible to an American audience than The Thick of It, imho.

seth hurley

Morris' collaborator on Nathan Barley, Charlie Brooker, is worth a look too. His Big Brother/zombie series Dead Set is fun but his documentary series Screenwipe is fantastic.

Dan Coyle

The show is hilarious, well worth tracking down.

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