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August 26, 2009


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"As for this quieter-than-normal blog, well, I'm in the middle of Mamet's peculiar Homicide..."

That's one of my favorite films.


Homicide...that never made it to Region 1 DVD, did it? So are you lucky enough to have a Region Free player, a VHS copy or did you find it online? I've seen it only long ago and would love to see it again.


Max, Criterion is releasing it in September. I imagine Glenn got some early hook-up.


Everyone should wear one of those. Men, women, everyone.

John M

A tangent, but I recently saw a show, and the lead singer was wearing a t-shirt not dissimilar to the one above.

And me, dork I am, thought: "That would look great in a movie." Even worked out the framing in my head.

And Pialat got there thirty years ago. Thanks a lot, Maurice!


A critereon release, finally!

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