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August 11, 2009


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I don't want to be all pushy, but would it be too much to ask to post these blurbs about upcoming DVD releases before the film streets?
Netflix is telling me there's a VERY LONG WAIT for this, and, being the instant gratification junky that I am, I simply detest long waits.

Also, for a conversation starter, best choreographed spontaneous dance scene in a film that doesn't prominently feature a lot of singing and dancing?

Unless someone reminds me of something else, I always go with Hal Hartley's "Simple Men".


I dunno, maybe it was the age when I caught it, my adoration of Sonic Youth, my serious crush on Manic Pixie Dream Girl (Eastern European edition) Elina Löwensohn, or the flat out goofy choreography, but I've adored that scene ever since.

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