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August 26, 2009


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The answer: quite a bit actually.

Tim Lucas

I had the good fortune to see Gang of Four in concert in a small club with Pylon opening. URGH! captures just a smidgen of what I was witness to that night. Unforgettable. My only problem with URGH! is that whenever I watch it, I can't get XTC's "Respectable Street" out of my head for DAYS.


yes XTC rips it up big time in this film!!


Is the Gary Numan footage in? It was cut out when IFC showed it a couple years ago.

I always felt sorry for the singer who had to use the microphone after Lux Interior.

Glenn Kenny

Yes, the Gary Numan number—perhaps the most inadvertently funny piece of concert footage ever put on film—in in this. Thing runs a full two hours!


dude, that little car.

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