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August 24, 2009


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Tom Russell

I'm in favor of snark being reserved for your Friday Auteur's column. I've had people who have actually questioned me having you on my blog roll because all they associate with you is snark. And if snark distracts from/prevents people from appreciating your genuine insights into the seventh art-- the reason, I think, most of us hang around this site in the first place-- I'd say that snark-free is the way to be.

And that also makes Friday that much more special, doesn't it?


I think you should save the snark for the HE threads. Those are entertaining.

Glenn Kenny

@ Tom: Ha! Bet I could guess who some of the questioners are!

My personality—or call it "subjectivity"—and my sense of humor being what they are, I'm not sure I could run an entirely sarcasm/irony-free blog. If one defines snark as gratuitous sarcasm/irony, well, that's another thing. I think it'd be a good thing to monitor the cheap shots closely, but if something is shite, I don't intend to hold back on it. So there you have it.

Tom Russell

Glenn: Oh, I love the sarcasm and irony, or, as it's more properly known, "wit". I agree with where you put the dividing line between wit and snark, and this reader is all for the former.


Snark is the last line of defense for those who have run out of arguments. Onward Glenn.

D Cairns

Snarkwise: how is it feeling? If your blood pressure's down and you're enjoying life more, the snark-free approach is the way to go. If you're itching to offload a lot of pent-up outrage, then do so. Who was it who said, "And always let your conscience be your guide?"

Nick Ramsey

I enjoy your brand of snark from time to time, and this is coming from someone who is generally not a fan of it. I remember chuckling while reading one of your "Ask Glenn" columns where you snarkily referenced, I think, Pere Ubu in your reply to a snotty question about Hilary Duff or someone like her.

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