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August 31, 2009


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I think I'm probably more interested in contemporary Marvel than you, but we're in complete agreement about the need for a third FF OMNIBUS, and it's funny you mention it now, as I was on a Kirby kick all weekend. Silver Surfer, Galactus, Ben Grimm...Good stuff.


Would that Jess Francoesque movie be L'IMMORTELLE?

Or the festive, frame-bites-back philosophy and lingerie pillowfight, LA BELLE CAPTIVE.


Hey-- now Jerry Bruckheimer can produce the FORBUSH MAN movie we've all been waiting for all these years.

Glenn Kenny

@Escher: Damn, I wish I'd thought of that! Very funny.


actually, if Miramax would let Azazel Jacobs make FORBUSH MAN, it could be pretty great.

The Siren

AHA. Do I get to make a guess now? Because I think I have it but don't wanna spoil the fun...perhaps I will post my guess at my place.


I find it interesting just because it was unexpected, and I'm a comics nerd.

I'm also hoping Joe Quesada goes flying out of the top floor with a big yellow mouse-clog print across his ass, but I think it's more likely he'll quit.

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