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August 02, 2009


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A clip from the Altman film might also be appropriate!


Have fun in my backyard! A short doc of mine was recently picked up by SPIN magazine...its on a KC subject you won't find in your "things to do" brochures.



That Fuzzy Bastard

"You'll be exercising your God-given right to vote. However, you'll be voting the way I tell you to vote, and as many times as I tell you. That understood? Understood? Shut up!"

Bruce Reid

"How's your son doing?"

"Charles? Oh, Charles is fine Miss Blondie. He's good. He plays in the high school marching band."

"Yeah? Good for you."


"You don't need to crack about any of this. Be better if you didn't."

"Nobody's going to ask me anything. They never do."

And of course Seldom Seen's joke about the genie, which would come of something awful if I put it down out of context.

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