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August 04, 2009


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Peter Nellhaus

I haven't seen "The Young Captives" or "Face in the Rain", but Kershner would probably be better evaluated if his films through "Loving" were more available on DVD. I'm puzzled as to why Fox has yet to release a DVD version of "The Flim Flam Man".


As a Montreal film critic I have to say I'm ashamed I have never seen this. Thanks for the piece.

Also worth mentioning...

"As far as social commentary is concerned, one character sarcastically complains that while the native-born French speakers of the city make the effort to learn English, the English-speaking interlopers never bother to learn French. (The situation has changed substantively since the book was written and the film was made."

You actually still hear this all the time. Not entirely without justification. Plus ça change.

giles edwards

Nice! Thanks for the review Glenn. I work for Metrodome and it's good to know even these obscure little gems are finding the right people.


Thank you. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even know Ginger Coffey was made into a movie, and I like Kershner's work.

Ure was lovely and talented. Not enough range, I suppose, and not a strong enough personality. She was well cast as Alison in Look Back in Anger, making a hopeless noodle of a character most sympathetic, but is upstaged at every turn by Burton in top form and Claire Bloom as Helena, and it’s really not hard to see why. She has a special vulnerable quality, though. Richard Murphy wrote a nice poem named for her.

If I had to choose between Osborne and Shaw, a Scylla and Charybdis dilemma if ever there was one, I’d opt for Osborne, who could be charming when it was called for, reportedly. He was wayward, moody, and chronically unfaithful but at least he wouldn’t put a bun in your oven every eighteen months or so. I never liked Shaw, thought he was profoundly second-rate. If he's better in Ginger Coffey I'll be glad to alter that opinion.


I absolutely don't want to hijack this thread or turn it into some kind of nonsense "Star Wars" debate. That said, no love for "The Empire Strikes Back"? I'm also partial to "Eyes of Laura Mars", but that's mostly the Carpenter script.

Glenn Kenny

I think "Empire" is, in many respects, the best-made of the original trilogy, but aside from its dark tone doesn't really have the hallmarks of Kershner's earlier work. "Laura Mars" is something I'd love to see again soon.


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