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August 08, 2009


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Matthias Galvin



Happy Birthday!!! I wanted to get you a restored copy of OUT 1 on DVD, but alas...

don r. lewis

Happy Birthday, GK! I have Joe Swanberg popping out of a cake while Richard Kelly sings "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" tomorrow at noon so, for the love of Christ, be home.


Happy birthday, Glenn.

I will be 50 on Monday, Aug. 10 (and so will Rosanna Arquette). Let us know how your birthday goes.

Interesting how many film critics were born in '59: you, Mick LaSalle, Owen Gleiberman, David Edelstein. Probably more. Must have been something in the air or water that year.

Tom Russell

I try not to comment unless I feel have something new to add to a conversation. Alas, I do not.

Happy birthday, Glenn. The missus and I wish you well.


"Rife with cheap sentimentality, Mr. Kenny's baby photo lacks much of the wit and sophistication of his later work. Nonetheless, as a depiction of his formative year, it is of mild historical interest."

Ryan Kelly

Happy Birthday Sr. Kenny, from two blocks away from your old home!

Jason M.

Happy Birthday, Glenn! Here's to many more years.


Happy birthday, Glenn! Here's to several dozen more!

Owain Wilson

And it's a Happy Birthday to you, Glenn. So did you get the Chewbacca action figure and Wonder Woman costume you asked for?

Keith Uhlich

I think mom is saying, "What da fuck is uuuuuuuuupppppppp??!!!" Happy day, Mr. K.


cheers, Glenn!

Pete Segall

Have a happy one...


@ JC: "Au contraire. The seemingly unfeigned earnestness of the image is legitimately moving, its sentimentality tempered by the layers of distancing artifice that are obvious on close inspection. The blurry gauziness of the tableau is clearly something of an homage on the part of the unseen photographer, perhaps to the early work of Seurat."

David Hudson

Have a great one, Glenn. I beat you to the half-century mark by just over six weeks. Go ahead, remind me anytime you like.


50 is the new 42.

Tony Dayoub

Happy Birthday!


@JF: Heh...nice. :)

Allen Belz

So say we all! (Been watching Battlestar Galactica again).

Account Deleted

Happy Birthday Glenn, all the best.


Happy B-Day, GK.


Happy Birthday, Glenn.

D Cairns

Happy birthday! Older, maybe, but less blurry.


Very sweet. Happy Birthday! (a day late)

Mark Salisbury

Happy (if belated) birthday greetings from the other side of the pond!


Happy belated, as well! All the best!

Dan Coyle

Happy Birthday, Glenn. Fun fact: I started reading your reviews when you said nice things about The Crow.

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