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August 11, 2009


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That is indeed a pretty cool picture.

I find Ms. Grey to be kinda fascinating on a few different levels, which I could probably delineate at length if I had more mental stamina right now. I really hope she succeeds at what she's up to, whatever that turns out to be. Seems like good people.


I hadn't seen that Wallace essay, but it gets at how I felt upon meeting Traci Lords a couple of years ago at one of those showbiz collectors' shows. I went there mostly to meet Dwayne "Dobie Gillis" Hickman and to get Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo's autographed pic for my girlfriend. But my buddy wanted his pic taken with Traci, so I obliged him. She was very nice, but as I shook her hand I couldn't help but think "That hand has, um, been around."


Glenn, please tell me you did not say your my bone (snide or otherwise) was thoroughly tickled. Please tell me you did not say that not once, but twice. Please tell me I misread that. Thanks.

Glenn Kenny

Tess: Honest, I am so Candide-pure that I wasn't even aware of the terrible entendre I was committing. But now that you mention it, yech.

Peter Ashlock

I am so proud of my son for having thought up the article in the first place to balance out the tone of the otherwise (gay)fashion magazine. He told me when he proposed it and I thought it was indeed a totally original and somewhat attention getting idea. Absolutely ultra cool. Smooth move Jesse!

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