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August 17, 2009


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Matthias Galvin

I wouldn't normally encourage the purveyance of something others might find "insufferable," but in this case, you shouldn't go through with it. The reason is, simply, you're funny! When you're being snide, it's also hilarious as well (and tell that to the person who gave you the label).

Tony Dayoub

Please leave the nyah-nyah-nyah in your Friday article, at least.

Steven Santos

In all fairness, Glenn, everyone who writes and comments on the internet is an "insufferable twat" to a certain extent. It really is about measuring how much twattage you exude. Twattage in measured doses is better than excess twattage which is more common.

It's sort of similar to the dick, pussies and assholes speech at the end of "Team America".

And, as Matthias said, your snark is actually funny and, I would add, truthful.

Glenn Kenny

Thanks, fellas. I'm giving this a shot anyhoo because taking a break from indignation might help my blood pressure. The trick is, does NOT EXPRESSING indignation actually help one experience less indignation? I'll have to consult that book on Buddhism I've got here somewhere...

Ryan Kelly

But the piercing snark is what keeps me coming back!

But seriously, I've never thought of your little ribs at anyone to be nasty or 'snarky', but then I've been accused of that same thing. So my opinion may not be the one to go by.

Either way, the internet is full of crybabies and I wouldn't let it bother you too much.


I like your snark, too, although I can see your point. The trick -- and it is actually difficult, though you'd think it wouldn't be -- is to only aim it at those who deserve it. I think you do for the most part. I mean, why feel bad about taking shots at Armond White? His career is currently based on that very thing.

It's a fine line, though, because what actually constitutes "deserving" in this context? I can think of more examples beyond White, certainly, but in the spirit of this post I won't name them.

Allen Belz

I (and maybe that book on Buddhism, if you find it) would say that bottling up indignation is harmful at the very best, but that doing a bit of processing of that indignation could possibly be quite beneficial...going to the roots of that trigger, perhaps finding a bit of empathy for that person you're reacting to who's spraying their sad neuroses all over the net. But even if one doesn't reach that point, in my experience it's always been helpful to say to myself "Even if your take on this situation and this person's behavior is 100% accurate, so what? Why are you allowing their behavior to cause you suffering?"


It can be argued that suppressing indignation is worse for your blood pressure than expressing it. But good luck!

Glenn Kenny

The point, as A.B. correctly intuits, isn't so much to suppress indignation as it is to work through it, to find out what truly warrants it, as opposed to shooting from the hip at everything that's an annoyance, as justified as one's annoyance may be. One of the funnier things about the internet is that you can point out how wrong/ill-advised/just plain dumb/what have you a given blogger or commenter is, and it doesn't make much difference. They're not going to stop, or even improve. I understand we must imagine Sisyphus happy and all, but still...

And now I'm gonna catch "Basterds" a second time! Later...


As much as I love stopping by your place on a daily basis - it's the writing, pure and simple - I can occasionally be a bit turned off by the snark, partly because I can't help thinking that some of the targets are, well, beneath you. But you get a lifetime pass for anything Armond-related: he has a regular, presumably paying, gig and yet week after week his reviews and related pieces are filled with truly mystifying contortions of the English language, never mind the actual content. I'm also convinced that he's on a per-mention fee from the producers of "Torque." Now that's an unhealthy obsession.


I'm on board for this experiment. I'm sure the snark has fans, but I am certainly not one of them.


I was going to recommend this very thing to you Glenn as you seem to be overflowing with teh snark lately -- but I was afeared you'd snark me. And I think it's the worst aspect of the web -- better to pretend you're face to face with someone and how would you really respond.

Look at Wells, the dude is on his way to a Hate Attack -- wherein you poison your mind and body with glib, cynical and hateful thoughts.



You know, the anti-snark contingent does absolutely have a point. I engage in snark from time to time, and get a certain kick out of it, and I don't bully anyone or go after those who I don't think have it coming. But then again, I've decided certain people have it coming, and who's to say I'm right? Getting into a fist fight you have no hope of avoiding is one thing, but going out looking for one, even with someone who's a more than willing participant, is something else.

Still, for a long time I've been kicking around the idea of writing a post on my blog that goes after, in a humorous fashion, a particular blogger. This is not a blogger that anyone -- and really, I mean anyone -- would pity for having the screws put to him, and I sincerely doubt that, should I write such a post, news of its existence would even make it back to him (though I would be pleased if it did). Sometimes you just have to get shit off your chest, and writing it on a napkin and then throwing it in the trash doesn't offer the same catharsis.

Dan Coyle

Hey, Glenn, OT, but what did you think of the A Serious Man trailer?

Diane Rainey

Glenn, we like you, snarky or not. You are one of the best writers I have ever come across.


You know that if you do this Denby wins, right?

Glenn Kenny

@ Dan Coyle: I like the "Serious Man" trailer. Looks like...a Coen Brothers movie!

Allen Belz

If Denby wins, I'm moving to Canada.

Earthworm Jim

I think "snark" is the wrong word for your particular brand of...well, of whatever the right word is. To me, "snark" implies a kind of knee-jerk cruelty, the internet equivalent of Nelson Muntz braying "Ha Ha!" at others' misfortune. Whereas your own style of sarcastic meanness is more thoughtful, witty...satirical, one might call it. I have nothing against this experiment in introspection, but I want to emphasize that the Glenn Kenny humor is a cut above garden variety internet snark, even when it's unduly mean.

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