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July 27, 2009


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Allen Belz

One of my fondest cinemagoing memories was seeing Playtime on the giant, curved screen at the Cinerama in Seattle (the one Paul Allen refurbished) and being wholly unable to stop grinning widely from start to finish.

Owain Wilson

Ah, Jacques Tati. An icon of my childhood. How me and my brothers laughed at his japes.

What's the point in not bothering to restore a title sequence? I'm a whore for title sequences, among all the other little trimmings that I love, so I'm disappointed and baffled by this state of affairs.

Ryan Kelly

Finding out about the one-day-only exhibition of "Playtime" ("Play Time"?) at the MOMA the day after it happened was one of the two or three worst things to ever happen to me, movie-wise.

Sam Adams

I've been basically afraid (or just unwilling) to rewatch the DVD of Play Time after seeing it in 70 lest I obliterate the experience from my mind. Pretty eager to check out the Blu-Ray, though. Hey honey, maybe it's time for us to get that 60" set...

Jason M.

@ Allen Belz - I'm pretty sure I was at that Cinerama screening of Playtime (SIFF about 5 years ago, right?). Man, that was a glorious screening. I took my (at the time) non-cinephile little brother to that show and it was pretty much all he talked about for the next week.

Playtime remains for me one of the few movies I've seen (and hope to see again and again) that has actually radically changed the way I look at the world. I find myself having little 'Playtime moments' regularly at I walk through the city. Even with the Blu-Ray release, they could bring the 70mm print through NY every year (or basically anywhere within 100 miles or so of where I happen to be), and I'll be there, dragging as many friends as I can to the movie.

Allen Belz

Yep, that was the one.

Glenn Kenny

@Jason & Allen: It's an interesting thing about "Playtime," I have a lot of friends who love movies but don't fit the obvious or stereotypical cinephile profile, but those among them who have, by hook or by crook, experienced this movie love it like nothing else, simply because there really is nothing else like it. They immediately hook in to the way that it's different, and let themselves be swept up into its world. It really is a unique object in that respect.

papa zita

Ah, but it's profitless it to your regular cineplex-hopper (the ones who think Michael Bay is a genius). I made that mistake once and was hit by a "but nothing happens in this film!". You need people who actually watch the films they see, otherwise they only see what's most obvious. I've loved Playtime since I saw it the first time, but it really needs an engaged viewer.

J. Temperance

There can never be enough Tati talk and in that spirit I highly recomend to anyone who hasn't read it Michel Chion's small but brilliant book "The Films of Jacques Tati", a leaping, digressive and amazing study of his work.

David Bellos' biography is also quite good (and an interesting occurance of a literary scholar, translator and biographer of Georges Perec working outside his normal field. Fascinating thoughts on what draws a scholar on Perec to Tati.)

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