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July 01, 2009


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This is not quite so highbrow an idea, but it seems to me that Ramis's very underrated "The Ice Harvest" is the black flip-side of "Groundhog Day".

Also, I love that spectral image of Bill Murray. Was that on purpose?

Ryan Kelly

The blur gives it a Resnais feel.

Sam J.

You are fortunate to find a partner with whom you can have such a debate.

Dave McDougall

Marienbad is really very funny, too.


Karl Malden has passed away.


Very interesting and intriguing connection. I would hate to think Ground Hog Day compares in social status to the elegant event at the French estate - but perhaps there is some seasonal shifts I'm missing in the later? Has anyone thought about the 'games' played in both? Any more parallels you'd like to share?

Kevyn Knox

Fantastic theory....and one I am inclined to bally-hoo around myself.

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