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July 01, 2009


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Brad W

Happy to see you cited Baby Doll - Malden IS great in that somewhat neglected classic! The dynamic between him, Carroll Baker and Eli Wallach is somehow electric, scary and hilarious all at the same time.

Dan Coyle

One of my favorite performances ever is Malden in On the Waterfront. As much as I love Brando in that movie, the real "moment" for me is when Malden's priest is at Tommy's side in the end, shouting, "You gotta get up! Tommy, you gotta get UP!" Man, I get so swell with that old Catholic pride.


Baby Doll was the turning point for me with Malden. Though I had thought he was excellent in Streetcar and Baby Doll (and Streets of San Francisco), nothing quite prepared me for Archie Lee.

He's also great in Pollyanna, of all things, and of course One Eyed Jacks.


He IS great in Pollyanna, you're right jbryant.

RIP. All that, and a marriage that lasted 70 years. God bless him (and his wife and family) indeed.


My second mention of Baby Doll above should've been edited out. Then the sentence might've made sense.

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