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July 29, 2009


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Much as I relish stories about Lupino and Ryan directing the final scenes themselves while Ray was indisposed-- with that excusing a conclusion some find deficient-- how could anyone cognizant of Ryan's brilliant but circumscribed career of lyric psychos and giggling nasties not feel heartbroken at the last gauzy closeups of eyes and hands, as the man just this once finds someone worthy to love? The unmistakable grown-upness Lupino and Ryan always brought even to compromised roles makes this hard-won union cherishable.

Arthur S.

Ray was actually okay with the ending of ON DANGEROUS GROUND, contrary to popular views on the film. What he wasn't okay with was Howard Hughes, in his infinite wisdom, wrecking the structure of his film. The film's first half is a kind of documentary on police life and it climaxes in the death of that girl and Robert Ryan's breakdown in that alley to his friend. Well THAT scene was intended to be at the climax of the film. After that it supposed to be the ending of his return to Ida Lupino. But alas, that was not to be.

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