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July 28, 2009


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That looks like it was shot on the Pont de la Tournelle. Whenever I stay in Paris, I stay at a little flat just on Ile side of it. Lovely.


Beautiful shot. It reminds me of Atget.

Tom Carson

Absolutely useless fun fact: the great James Jones, author of Some Came Running, was a longtime resident (though not in 1954) in one of the houses on the right. One of my many, many reasons for despising As Good As It Gets was that the decor of Jack Nicholson's bachelor lair included a framed photo, vantage point not so different from this screen grab, of Jones himself on the Pont de la Tournelle, apparently to give Jack's jackass character a macho pedigree. Of course the fact that I not only spotted but recognized the picture is what some might call embarrassing, but we Jones fans are an eagle-eyed bunch from necessity. And he *did* give GK's blog its name, after all.

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